Pay for Street Parking on your Mobile Phone

It’s going to be much easier to pay for street parking all over New York City. ParkNYC is a mobile app that let’s you pay for parking using your phone. Just download the iPhone app or Android app. You can even reload the meter right from your phone when time runs out!

Of course the city will roll this out in Manhattan first. Eventually this service will come to Flushing. When it does, the 1 or 2 hour limits won’t mean anything, because you can just restart the parking meeting from you phone at the end of the time limit. The maximum parking time limits will still be enforced, according to the FAQ:

I want to extend a parking session, how do I do that?

If you purchase a parking session that is shorter than the maximum time limit for the zone, you will be prompted to extend your time before your session expires. If you wish to extend your time, simply follow the prompts in the app to extend up to the maximum time limit for your zone.

You must extend prior to the expiration of your original parking session.

The City of New York enforces overtime parking regulations. If you choose to park in a space for longer than the posted limit, paid or not, you can be issued a summons by enforcement officers.

Once your session expires, you will not be able to extend your parking session or use the ParkNYC app again in the same zone for 30 minutes. This is to discourage overstaying time limits.

Do you think this will improve the parking nightmare in Flushing or make it even worst?